ReachingNOVA is a rapper and producer from The Bronx, New York. His second studio album, IT WAS WHAT IT WAS is now available worldwide.



ReachingNOVA is a Hip Hop artist from The Bronx, NYC. His songs echo the lush melodies of contemporary rap, with the punch and the lyrical honesty of the “golden age”. With a focus on great lyrics and banging instrumentals, ReachingNOVA makes songs with a smooth and personal lyrical flow, following in the footsteps of some of the greatest rap storytellers of all generations - from KRS ONE to Biggie Smalls or Drake, but he's also really inspired by people such as LeBron James and Anthony Robbins.

Currently, the artist has been busy working on new, exciting music, while touring his catalog throughout the New York City Hip Hop circuit, and outside states as well.  On September 18, 2017 he released a brand new EP titled “It Was What It Was" (#IWWIW).

This release is the follow up to ReachingNOVA’s solo-debut album, “It’s About Time”, released earlier in 2016. With songs such as “An Evening in Tampa Bay”, “Beach Waves”, and “I Remember” - the album would solidify the artist’s reputation, as the tracks were streamed heavily across the country and abroad! 

The sound of this release is a great show of growth and maturity: while ReachingNOVA set out to create an even punchier approach to sonic aesthetics and production, he is still very direct in his energy and lyrical flow, going for a more sophisticated production, while maintaining the energy of his music intact and pure.

This new remarkable studio effort was released to the public on September 18th, 2017, just after the summer buzz and right before getting ready to welcome a brand new year. The EP is available in its entirety through main music streaming platforms and Mixtape sites on the web, including Apple Music, Spotify, Spinrilla, DatPiff, and Tidal. The EP is, of course, also available directly through the artist’s official website, where fans are able to stream or buy an Autographed Hard Disc version.



Video 1 of 4 [part] of #ReachingNOVA interviewing on #BlvckTea radio. Talks the inspiration behind the name #ReachingNOVA, What inspires his musical sound, Thoughts during the creation of his song “#Pacify”, His confidence, Signing to a record label, Collaboration with #JAYZ, and describes his own style.



New York artist #ReachingNOVA performs #SomethingTimeless , #MakeItHappen , and #Homage live at SABIT NYC for the 10th Anniversary of SABIT.


Apple Music: http://bit.ly/1qYkUBG
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1qYl8sv
TIDAL: http://bit.ly/1qYkyLt