Usually, an Artist Bio would go here, but I’d much rather thank you for taking this moment to view my art, explore my videos, and check for new music.  I would also like to share some of my thoughts with you.

To start, my birth name is Mark.  Some know me as Cash, and many refer to me as NOVA.  Yeah. It’s pretty cool.

I think it’s important, before you have a listen to my records, you know why I even make music to begin with. We’re all creators; Music is one of my more special and most favorite art forms.  After music, for me, comes Photography.  

One thing I can promise you is that what you’re hearing are true stories.  The words I use, the pictures I paint, these are things that I feel.  Some words may hurt.  Some words may bring back a special moment that has long passed.  It depends on which messages you connect with most at the time.

I like to provoke ideas, thoughts, and memories when I speak to my listeners.  As if we’re sitting in the same room conversing with one another.  I want my music to be an experience for you. Some of my records may not remotely sound the same to each other.  You know, some artist have a specific sound, whether it’s in their beats, concepts, or overall music.  Me, I like to float around.  I’ve experienced a lot in life, so I like to paint that in my music.  

Some songs may sound conscious and thought provoking, while other songs may speak on an experience I’ve had in a strip club with some girl who was lovely on the eyes.  I make music depending on how I feel, depending on my chemistry with the beat, depending on what I think is relevant, or concepts I would like to touch on.   Everything is subject to change, pun intended.